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Lavender Mango Wrap

$255 | 90 min

Indulge in this butter rich wrap that hydrates dry and sensitive areas while deeply nourishing the skin. This wrap also helps alleviate menopause symptoms, improves elasticity, and calms the skin. The body is wrapped in Lavender Mango Body Butter, followed by a refreshing Lavender & Olive rich cleansing rinse, and a 40-minute Swedish Massage.

Green Tea & Indian Spice Oil Wrap

$255 | 90 min

This treatment provides relief for dry skin and deep relaxation while promoting skin regeneration. This treatment helps with lymphatic drainage and is divided into two stages: Phase 1 involves wrapping the body in Green Tea Indian Spice Serum and shoulder, neck, and scalp massage, followed by a refreshing shower, while phase 2 is a 40-minute full-body relaxation massage.

Glacial Clay & Seaweed Body Firming Wrap

$255 | 90 min

This treatment helps reduce inflammation and restores firmness to the skin, while providing hydration and detoxification. The first phase involves applying a Seaweed and Glacial Clay Body Firming Mask. The second phase is a refreshing rinse with a Glacial Purifying Cleanser, followed by a 30-minute massage using Pacific Seaweed Body Butter & Oil.

Lavender Soy Exfoliating Body Scrub

$215 | 70 min

This three-phase skincare treatment involves a Lavender Soy Exfoliating Scrub, to remove dead skin cells and impurities with jojoba beads, apricot seed powder, and French pink clay. The skin is then cleansed with Lavender & Olive Rich Cleanser, followed by a 30-minute massage using Oil & Soy Lotion to improve skin clarity.

Green Tea & Seaweed Salt Glow Exfoliating Body Scrub

$215 | 70 min

Revitalise your skin with a three-phase treatment that includes a full-body exfoliation using Green Tea and Seaweed Salt Glow, followed by a Glacial Clay Cleanser rinse to detoxify and stimulate circulation and a 30-minute relaxation massage.

Canadian Wilderness Body Scrub

$215 | 70 min

This moisturising full-body polish helps soothe dry and sensitive skin while promoting a sense of calm. It involves a three-phase process: a body scrub with Canadian Wilderness Replenishing Polish, a rinse with Forest Elements Body Wash, and a 30-minute relaxation massage using Forest Elements Body Lotion & Oil.

Cancellation Policy for The Spa Body Treatments:

48hrs notice or 40% cancellation fee applies.
RMT appointments also require 48hrs notice or $115 cancellation fee.

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