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Pre-Natal Relaxation Massage

$160 | 60 min Option for RMT Pre-Natal 60 Min | $215 (RMT option only available on Wednesdays & Fridays)

$195 | 90 min (RMT option not available for 90 min)

Our pre-natal relaxation massage is performed by a certified pre-natal massage therapist. Pre-natal massage is a modified version of the classic Swedish Massage, for maximum comfort and safety. Availability is limited and appointments must be booked in advance and before arriving at the resort, to avoid disappointment.

Canadian Aromatherapy Massage

$175 | 60 min

$210 | 90 min

Feeling stressed? Try our Canadian Aromatherapy Massage at our spa on the Sunshine Coast, and experience this stress-reducing massage therapy, which helps to reduce anxiety, promotes relaxation, relieves muscle tension and pain, and alleviates symptoms of depression.

Deep Tissue

$175 | 60 min

$210 | 90 min

This technique focuses on isolating pressure on specific areas of deep tissue fascia to release tightness and pain, thereby improving the range of motion. It utilizes medium to firm pressure to loosen tense areas and relieve muscle tension and discomfort.

Hot and Cold Stone

$220 | 90 min

If you are experiencing muscle aches and tension, this is the right treatment for you. We use Basalt stones therapy to promote deep relaxation and enhance oxygen circulation, while relieving muscle tension and pain by stimulating the removal of cellular tissue waste.

Swedish Relaxation

$160 | 60 min

$195 | 90 min

Our Swedish massage utilizes flow guiding strokes with light to medium pressure to address your specific concerns, promote circulation and lymphatic drainage, and induce a sense of calm and relaxation in the process.

RMT Massage

$215 | 60 min (available Wednesdays & Fridays only)

At Painted Boat, we offer RMT massages that can relieve pain and muscle tension, enhance circulation and lymphatic drainage, and improve your overall joint mobility.

Ocean Elements Back Renewal

$225 | 90 min

This treatment involves a soothing exfoliation of the back and shoulders using Seaweed and Salt Glow, followed by the application of Seaweed and Glacial clay. A full-body relaxation massage is then provided to alleviate pain, reduce inflammation, and restore firmness to the skin. The treatment offers healing and detoxification benefits.

Exfoliating Body Scrub – Add-on only

$80 | 30 min

Add-on this rejuvenating treatment to enhance your massage by buffing away dead skin cells, leaving your skin radiant.

Cancellation Policy for The Spa Massages Treatments:

48hrs notice or 40% cancellation fee applies.
RMT appointments also require 48hrs notice or $115 cancellation fee.

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